Appalachian Trail Thru-Hike Daily Spreadsheet

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I spent my Thanksgiving reflecting on my 2020 Northbound Thru-Hike by going through my trail journals and creating this day-by-day log. While I was unable to spend the holiday with my family, I couldn’t wish for a better way to look back and take stock of the year and everything I am so grateful for. I hope this spreadsheet helps someone looking to plan their journey.

Random Stats:

    • Days on Trail: 161 Days
    • Average Daily Mileage: 15.77 miles
    • Longest Continuous Mileage Day: 25.7 miles (Day 66)
      • With Nap: 40.6 (Days 84 + 85, during Maryland Challenge)
    • Shortest Mileage Day: 1.4 (Day 104)
    • # of Nights Slept Inside: 59
      • Higher than I would have guessed – BUT this # represents a mix of free/Tail Angel stays and paid/hostel/hotel stays
    • Number of Zeroes: 22 Days (3 Double Zeroes, 1 Triple Zero)
    • Longest Time Between Zeroes: 15 Days (between Palmerton, PA and Great Barrington, MA)

* UPDATE – someone pointed out that data for Days 12-26 was missing (they must have gotten lost when converting from Excel) – this has been fixed.

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