My First 14er: Quandary Peak (Sat 11/9/19)


See my last post where I discuss my previous, unsuccessful, attempt exactly one week before.

After spending a few days in Kanab, UT with my parents, I drove back to CO on I-70 and slept in my car at the trailhead. With the exact same setup as last time, BUT with a pair of liner gloves and a second pair of socks on my feet, I set off at 7:15am. The snow was nice and frozen, making for good hiking and I made good time up until the point (at about 13,100′) where I turned around a week prior.

The trail was VERY steep from that point forward, and along with Brian, my newfound hiking partner, we’d climb 10 yards, stop for a break, climb 10 yards, break again, etc. All the way, the remaining thousand vertical feet. Luckily, the trail itself was the only challenge, as it was a rather warm day with almost no wind.

It was incredible feeling to step out onto the summit, knowing how hard I had to push to make it up those last thousand feet and how proud I was of myself for coming back to conquer something that had previously turned me away.

Another great day outside. And, I didn’t get burned! Of course, I had another bad bout of altitude sickness coming down, and ended up escaping down into Denver (instead of staying in Frisco to try another peak today). Guess I need to acclimatize more.

Author: Zach "Free Fall" Tucker

Long Distance Hiker, Traveler, Peakbagger, and AEA Stage Manager.

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