(Some Of) My Favorite Podcasts

I spend A LOT of time driving – since buying my 2017 Subaru Outback Premium 2.5i in late May, I’ve put over 10,000 miles on her. I’ve always enjoyed listening to podcasts in my free time, usually while walking or taking the train to work, but long cross-country trips demand a deep library to rotate through and keep my mind engaged while driving through the Indiana flatlands. These are some of the podcasts I keep coming back to:

Opening Arguments

This is hands down my favorite podcast. Opening Arguments is hosted by Thomas, a journalist, and Andrew, a lawyer, and each episode is packed full of current events analysis through the eyes of the law. Andrew and Thomas go into an incredible amount of detail while discussing whatever news just broke – Mueller’s testimony, the Stormy Daniels lawsuit, the emolument lawsuit, etc. Fair warning, there is a significant liberal bias here, but both hosts take care to strongman the opposing argument whenever possible. To get a taste of their style, check out their first four episodes, doing a “Deep Dive” on the 2000 Florida recount Supreme Court case.

99% Invisible

99% Invisible, hosted by Roman Mars, is an exploration of the design choices that have shaped the world as we know it. Episodes have explored why Braille was chosen above all it’s competitors as the written language for the blind, how the credit card rose to prominence, the history of mail-order homes, and more. Currently on episode #367, there is a deep backlog for you to binge if you fall in love with 99PI like me.

Backpacker Radio

I look forward every week (or two) to when the next episode of Backpacker Radio, hosted by Zach “Badger” Davis and Juliana “Chaunce” Chauncey will drop. Centered around the world of long-distance hiking, this is a hilarious show with a lot of heart and some high power guests, like FKT (Fastest Known Time) holders and the directors of the nation’s various trail associations. Come for the interviews and banter, stay for the poop jokes.


I am a HUGE AvGeek and the AvTalk podcast is a great way to stay up on current aviation news. The hosts, Jason and Ian, update you on investigations following accidents, developments in the 737 MAX grounding, airline bankruptcies, and more! I’d encourage anyone with an interest in aviation to check out flightradar24.com and click around on any of the tracked flights.


The Chernobyl Podcast

The Chernobyl Podcast, the behind-the-scenes companion series to the HBO mini-series, gets an honorable mention ONLY because it is no longer being produced. Each podcast episode matches an episode in the HBO series and is an in-depth discussion with the show’s creator and writer, Craig Mazin, that explores what was entirely accurate and what facts he had to bend for dramatic effect. The Chernobyl HBO series is fantastic by itself, and this just adds so much to the experience. I cannot recommend listening to this enough if you enjoy the mini-series.

Author: Zach "Free Fall" Tucker

Long Distance Hiker, Traveler, Peakbagger, and AEA Stage Manager.